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A major bug in the latest SupportAssist / Dell Diag Control Device

Just fixed this issue with a customers Vostro 3750.

The latest Support drivers cause DPC latency of half a second at a time once every 60 seconds and a lot more smaller pauses in between. The problem can be seen as mouse cursor is stuck for a moment and if there's audio, you'll hear a buzzing sound.

See more user experiences at:

A correct solution at the moment seems to be disabling the system device Dell Diag Control Device (i.e. DDDriver64Dcsa.sys) until new version is published.

Hope this helps someone to avoid all the troubleshooting we had to do...



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Exactly, Bandit1949. All we've been told is that there is a fix. "What is it and why is it suddenly there?" needs to be answered. Dell needs to be more transparent.  How do I know it needs fixing? I didn't complain that it was doing such and such wrong. What is going to be fixed? How is the seemingly secret program going to be fixed? Why does Dell insist that we must remain ignorant and blindly do as they say?

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Same problem on my new XPS 8700.  DellDataVault.exe causing freeze up's.  I would like to try your hotfix.


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I got an annoying problem with my vestro 5460(win 8.1), a buzzing sound happened every 60 sec while watching videos on YouTube or other programs. While this happened "DelldataVault service" and "windows interrupt service routine coming up in my Task Manager. A similar problem was found in another post in this community--"Having a few recent problems with system processes."  I'd pretty like to have this problem hot fixed.


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I am very angry about this DellDataVault and all the other programs attached to it  and our pre-downloaded software.  I am getting mini-dumps 3 or 4 times a day! all these dumps are happening behind the scene. i only know they are/have happened via dell detect. then update then i go to system and there they are! this all started on feb 11, 2015! when behind the scene this and other updates were done. shame on the system software people! who pays for all the necessary work to remove/repair all these system mini dumps eg crash bits of data, registry files, etc.  me! the computer was almost 2 grand! i maybe have 30 hours on it since may 1st, 2014. it is the model xps 8700,   i7 4770,8gb cache 3.9ghz,  amd  32gb ddr3 1600 mhz 256 ssd drive & 3tb regular sata. the dear amd hd r9 270 2gb gddr graphics card. the machine is junk.  i have a 16 year old dell laptop that boots faster and runs my program faster. i also own a 2007- dell, duo core processor dimension e520 with xp (the real version) and in the last 5 yrs i have never had any cache dumps. i am not technically trained on computer software but i sure know about releasing products to the market before they are ready.  it is the worst personal relations error a company can make.  i tell 2 friends, etc etc.   automobile manufacturers for example learned this fact, pr disacters. ps i read in pc's type magazines last week, that this new great system of system service was made so that dell can save money!



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I need the fix too. 

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I am having this issue please forward the fix.

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It looks like Dell Data Vault precipitated other problems. Recall I have two computers that started repeated blue screen crashes after it was installed.

On this one, Verifier (a Windows program) stressed the drivers during running and precipitated crashes. The culprit was an old driver for some backup software. I uninstalled that software and made sure the driver was not on the system. I also updated as many drivers as I could, through Device Manager and by going to the makers' web sites. Dell's web site was pretty hopeless. Some drivers are still around from pre-Windows 7 release.

The other computer is another storey. I uninstalled the same software and cleaned out the driver from everywhere it occurred. After a couple of days "stability", it now crashes frequently. Verifier shows problems with file system drivers, esp. fltmgr.sys (a Microsoft driver). I am stuck now. I have asked answers.Microsoft for help. 

So Dell Data Vault was apparently not the problem, but it seems to have exacerbated other problems coming to the surface. Pretty poor software though to do that, it should coexist with existing software to be any good.

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I read the link supplied by the Dell representative earlier in this posted "shouldiremoveit(dot)com."

It says to go through add/remove programs.  It is not in Add/Removed Programs.  I also looked in the Program folder and there is No Uninstaller.  I have Windows 8.1 factory installed. The program has crashed the only program I use/bought this for once and crashed, behind the scene 4 times

I want to permanently uninstall DellDataVault and the other *8 associated programs that also install with it. *Per the link above

PS: The should it remove it is more Adware on your computer.   Read up on it.   


Uninstalling Dell SupportAssist Agent will remove DDV, DDV Wizard and SupportAssistAGent.  Also uninstall SupportAssist or I can provide a hotfix.

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