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A major bug in the latest SupportAssist / Dell Diag Control Device

Just fixed this issue with a customers Vostro 3750.

The latest Support drivers cause DPC latency of half a second at a time once every 60 seconds and a lot more smaller pauses in between. The problem can be seen as mouse cursor is stuck for a moment and if there's audio, you'll hear a buzzing sound.

See more user experiences at:

A correct solution at the moment seems to be disabling the system device Dell Diag Control Device (i.e. DDDriver64Dcsa.sys) until new version is published.

Hope this helps someone to avoid all the troubleshooting we had to do...



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According to my Iolo System Mechanic the Dell Data Vault has stopped 45 times in the last 10 days followed immediately by a BSOD with the error "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR"

Is this addressed by your hotfix?


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I have a brand new XPS8700 and it was not operating properly.  It was taking forever to shut down and if I put it in sleep mode, nothing would awake it except holding the power button down for a forcible shut down.  Also, when placed in sleep mode, it would shut down after a few minutes.  Additionally, certain programs would continually freeze and become unusable.  I saw that the issue could be Dell Data Vault so I stopped the services in Task Mgr and the PC works fine now.  No issues with sleep or shutdown.  This PC is brand new and I would like a fix for this.  I'd prefer not to uninstall support assistant but if a fix is not forthcoming I will have to.  I sent an email requesting this fix to support at Dell with no response.  Please give me the fix for this issue.  A brand new PC should not be behaving this way!

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I had the same problem.

I deinstall Dell Suppoort and everything works fine.

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Recall I have two Dell Studio 1909 desktops. They both started BSoD crashes after Dell Data Vault and SupportAssist were installed. As I said above, the DDV install exacerbated other problems.

On one computer, the problem was caused by AVG antivirus. I found this by running the Verifier program (part of Windows 7) and sending the crash minidump to I removed AVG and installed Microsoft Security Essentials. First I had uninstalled Paragon Backup (see below) but this did not rectify the problem on this comuter. Thunderbird and Firefox still crashed on startup after all this. User was very grumpy.

On the other computer, Verifier found the problem was caused by a driver for a 2012 version of Paragon Backup (free). I uninstalled PB and updated as many drivers as I could. There were still niggling problems. 

Joe of Dell sent me the beta hotfix for Dell Data Vault and SupportAssist. After installation and restart on both computers, they have been stable for two days now. So it looks like Dell's official rollout this week of the fix will tidy up the problem. 

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I have been facing this sound problem for about 7-10 days now as well and it is very frustrating. I tried many things and today I found the discussion in the dell forum. I was very happy to hear that uninstalling the Dell SupportAssistAgent would solve the issue. However, the sound problem is still there and I don't know what else to do about it. I would really like you to help me implement this hotfix!

Kind regards

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I would like this fix as well please.

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Where can I get a hotfix?

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I would like to try your hotfix also.

Thank  you.


Check to see if the hotfix has been downloaded onto your machine?  Dell is in the process of placing the exe onto all machines.  If available, run that file (SupportAssist-Hotfix-20150219.exe) under the following directory and reboot.


If not available...

* Go here to get the Hotfix (Dell SupportAssist and Dell SupportAssist Agent must be installed)
* Save the file (supportassist-hotfix-20150219.exe) to the windows desktop
* Run the Hotfix file (supportassist-hotfix-20150219.exe)
* Follow the instructions to deploy the Hotfix
* When done, restart the computer

* Any questions/issues should be emailed to the team here:
* Include your system model, service tag, issues

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I uninstalled the program you mentioned and it's still happening. Any new solutions

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