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Hello people.

First of all I need to say that my English may no be enough sometimes so forgive me.

Yesterday my HDD broke down and I had to buy a new one. After putting new HDD its place as you know I had to install Windows 7. My friend helped me to install Windows 7 and drivers.

One time there was a virus in my computer and i needed to use  Dell Backup and Recovery Manager. It made my computer as new and it installed every driver automatically.

As you know, I installed Windows 7 manually and there is no Dell programmes.

From Dell's website, I downloaded and installed Dell Backup and Recovery Manager.

My question is: If my computer got a virus or something and break down, can Dell Backup and Recovery Manager help my computer? I mean can it install Windows as new and install drivers? 

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Re: About Recovery

Hi Speciall,

The system is shipped from Dell initially with a factory image on the HDD which includes the operating system, drivers and the applications that automatically comes with the system.

As you have replaced the HDD the system image is also not available anymore to restore the system back to factory settings.

If you want to install the applications that came along with the system you may do that using ‘My Dell Downloads’. For more information, please refer to the link: http://bit.ly/11g5GGv.

You may use ‘Dell Backup and Recovery Manager’ in case the system gets corrupt. However you have to create an image of the system in it’s current state using ‘Dell backup and Recovery Manager’ to use it in future in case the system crashes. Please refer to the link: http://dell.to/12d47Zv

Please feel free to reply for any further questions.

Thanks & Regards
Amogh G
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Re: About Recovery

It depends. If your PC has a virus restoring from any backup (Dell or Microsoft) may not fix it, because if the virus was there when you did the backup the virus will be there after the restore.  Your best protection is to install a good anti-virus/spyware  program, keep it updated, and scan for viruses on a regular basis.  I've used McAfee for six years with no problems and not one virus, but there are many other good anti-virus/spyware programs to choose from.