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Accidentally deleted everything - the whole OS

So while trying to dual boot, I mistakenly removed all other partitions and ended up overwriting everything with a linux. Finally eneded up also adding a temporary Windows 7. This laptop came with a pre-installed Windows 8, whose key I never noted. It is Dell Inspiron 15-3521. Is it still possible to get back that original Windows 8? And how?


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RE: Accidentally deleted everything - the whole OS

The key is programmed into the BIOS. You can get it by querying the BIOS from Linux or using a utility like RWEverything in Windows.

* You should stay away from those linuxes ...

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RE: Accidentally deleted everything - the whole OS

See here to  download a Windows 8.1 .iso and prepare installation media, focusing on the Dell OEM license and the UEFI BIOS with SecureBoot:


A hint for the future, if testing Linux use a Virtual machine:


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