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Activating Windows 7 (after swapping to SSD)

Hi there

I am trying to upgrade my old Alienware Win 7 Ultimate DeepBlue system on to a new a new SSD drive and I'm having problems activating Windows on it. I have the Product Key and Installation ID code but when trying to activate I keep getting error messages. After contacting Microsoft they have said I need a new product key from Dell/Alienware but I'm not sure if this is even possible now with it being Windows 7.

Any advice about what I can do?

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Phishing for new windows ultimate key will not be successful.


Keys come from microsoft not Dell.

Nobody including microsoft will sell a key for OS that is END OF LIFE end of support.

You must use the Key from the WIN7 ultimate COA on the machine or you must buy a new copy of windows which is 10 now for everything for everyone.

You don't actually need to buy win10 if you have your WIN7 ULTIMATE coa key.

You install a copy of win10 PRO using the I dont have a key option then activate online using SLUI 3.

You enter the WIN7 COA key and it will activate.


For Older systems you have to use a key from COA or email as its not stored in the bios SLP.

These keys are for install not for activation and they are version specific.

XKY4K-2NRWR-8F6P2-448RF-CRYQH (Windows 8 Pro)
RR3BN-3YY9P-9D7FC-7J4YF-QGJXW (Windows 8 MCE)
FB4WR-32NVD-4RW79-XQFWH-CYQG3 (Windows 8 Home)

XHQ8N-C3MCJ-RQXB6-WCHYG-C9WKB (Windows 8.1 Pro)
GBFNG-2X3TC-8R27F-RMKYB-JK7QT (Windows 8.1 MCE)
334NH-RXG76-64THK-C7CKG-D3VPT (Windows 8.1 Home)

VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T (Windows 10 Pro)
YTMG3-N6DKC-DKB77-7M9GH-8HVX7 (Windows 10 Home - multi )
BT79Q-G7N6G-PGBYW-4YWX6-6F4BT (Windows 10 Home - single

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Thank you for your advice.

I thought it was ridiculous that MS Tech Support were asking me to go back to Dell to get a new Product Key when they could see my code and Installation ID were both valid. I'm encountering these problems because I've tried to install a new ISO of Windows 7 Ultimate on the SSD because I can't upgrade the existing Windows 7 Ultimate on the old HDD because it is barely functioning (constant updating errors that can't be fixed and a web browser that loads pretty much text only on webpages). So I've gone for installing from a USB boot drive a ISO of Ultimate and tried activating that with the key and Installation ID from the old HDD.


Can the COA be found in the bios (I don't have the original install disk)?

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