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Alienware Alpha Base Linux to Windows 8.1


I may be posting in the wrong section, so I apologize ahead of time.  

I purchased an Alienware Alpha Base steam machine that has linux on it.  I've messed around with it and come to the conclusion that I don't like the Steam OS and want to just simply make the entire thing a Windows machine.  Period.  No dual booting, not external hard drive, just convert from linux to Windows 8.1 witch is the version I have available.  

I have 8.1 on a thumb drive, and am just looking for someone to point me to direction on how to do so.  Could it be just as simple as booting into the bios and telling the machine to boot from the USB and all is done?  

Anyhow, thank you in advance for any help.  Much appreciated.



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RE: Alienware Alpha Base Linux to Windows 8.1

That should work, or there should be a key like DEL or F8; something similar that will allow you to boot from the USB stick, as long as your USB stick is properly formatted.

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