Autocad R13

I am having trouble, wait I CAN'T, printing out drawings from the autocad r13 program.  It doesn't have the dell printer as an option, when I try to set it up it won't allow it.  By far the most retarded program I have ever used.  There isn't even an option to change the printer you have to go through a bunch of different screens just to see the options and then once you find them the dell printer isn't on there and the printers on there are about 5 yrs old.  Makes it impossible to change.  So my question is, is there a driver I need to download, or maybe a way I can go about making this work.  This program is very important to our business and without printing capabilities it won't work.  BY THE WAY DELL SUPPORT IS NOT #1, they don't even allow you to finish telling them what you are talking about before the cut you off with a solution that doesn't even answer your question, hence why I am writing this question here.
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I dont know if this will help but it may give you an idea where to begin. Take a look here. Look at the first 3 listing.

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