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BOOTMGR MISSING after factory restore!

I have been researching this problem for hours  until I found this. I just need to know where I can find this  updated version of the Dell Backup and Recovery application an if I can  use it to correct the problem with this PC or not.

 It was Dell's friendly support that made me a loyal customer so many years ago but I can not find a live Dell person to speak or chat with me about this now that the system is out of warranty. Feeling abandoned, frustrated, disappointed and fried! PLEASE HELP!


Some customers may get an unexpected error when attempting to restart the system to perform a system recovery. 


If the Dell Backup and Recovery application is used to perform a System Recovery, an error may occur after the recovery point is selected and the Restart option is clicked. The error will advise the customer that an error occurred while selecting the recovery point to restore. The System Recovery will then fail. This issue only occurs if the customer attempts to restore the system within ten minutes after startup of the system. 

To correct this issue, the customer should reboot the system and wait 10 minutes before attempting to restore the system. Dell engineering is aware of this issue and is actively working on a solution. An updated version of the Dell Backup and Recovery application will be released to resolve this problem in a future release.

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