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Blue Screen (Can't Start the computer even in Safe Mode)


I am in need of some help with fixing my computer.

I recently acquired a Trojan virus (the FBI ransomware virus) and got rid of it.  After removing the virus with Microsoft Security Essentials I did a system restore to about a week before I got the virus. The reason for the restore was because of some slowness in the computer after ridding my computer of the virus. This did not fix the sluggishness of the computer, so I decided to restore to factory settings.

When I initialized the Factory Image Restore everything seemed fine, until about half way through an error message popped up that only read "Error" with and "OK" button.

Since that point I have received a blue screen message whenever I try to boot the computer up normally or in Safe Mode. Also, I get the same results as above when I try to complete a Factory Image Restore.

The blue screen gives a Technical Information code each time: "*** STOP: 0x000000F4" followed by four codes separated by commas and contained in a parenthetical statement, that are different each time I attempt a reboot.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Blue Screen (Can't Start the computer even in Safe Mode)

Hi mgrainger,

Try the Online Diagnostics. Choose Symptom -> Blue Screen Analyzer. Based upon the results of this analysis, you may choose to run the trouble-shooter to fix these errors.

I would suggest you to run the Dell Diagnostics to check the hardware functionality. Power off the computer -> restart the computer, press 'F12' key on the Dell logo -> Select ‘Diagnostics’ from the boot menu.

Please share the findings.

Thanks & Regards,
Appu S
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