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Boot problems in XP; help with Recovery Console

I can't get windows XP to boot in any mode from my hard drive; I tried them all.  Tried to boot from disk, but it gets stuck at the "Welcome to Setup Screen."  I can't go into the Recovery Console, which is what I was trying to do, but I also can't do anything else.  What am I missing?  I got a Fail Return Code 7 when I checked my hard drive, and I would like to get in to back up some of my data.  If it matters, this is a Dimension 4700.  I would really appreciate any thoughts on where I can go from here.  Thank you!
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Re: Boot problems in XP; help with Recovery Console


Error Code 7 indicates the hard drive has failed its self-test and needs to be replaced.

You could install the failed drive in a powered USB SATA external enclosure, attach it to working system and see if you can transfer the files and folders.

Replace the 4700 SATA hard drive, reload XP ans after it's fully patched, install the failed drive as the secondary drive and see if the files and folders can be transfered, a second SATA data cable will be required for this.


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