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Broadcom Driver Help

I bought a new Dell laptop and I want to upgrade my old XPS 13 M1330 from Vista to Windows 7. 

I ran the Microsoft Upgrade Analysis tool. The results were good, but for Broadcom Netlink Fast Ethernet, the tool said I should go to the device manufacturer's website, download driver, install Windows 7, then install saved driver.

Questions: Does this driver exist on the Dell site? If yes, where can I locate it? Be specific. If not there, how can I find it on Broadcom site? The Broadcom site has drivers, but not a file called Broadcom Netlink Fast Ethernet. Does it have a new name?

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Any other upgrade cautions are also welcomed.

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RE: Broadcom Driver Help

IMO you would be better off replacing the vista computer instead of spending $100 on the win 7 upgrade. OR use the vista computer as is until you can replace it. That model should be almost at end of life. It is not worth spending any money on a 9 year old laptop.

You don't normally use ethernet on a laptop. You can add a usb wireless adapter for about $10.

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RE: Broadcom Driver Help

The Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor lists problems with the Broadcom driver but Windows 7 has the necessary driver inbuilt into the operating system.

As mentioned the cost of a full retail Windows 7/10 license is not worth the current price of the system hardware. I would instead advise taking the unofficial 10130 Insider Preview upgrade path to Windows 10 TH2 Pro:



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