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CBC Torrent Caught Up in ISPs’ BitTorrent Throttling

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation recently made a bold decision to release an episode of the show Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister through BitTorrent. The move was remarkable not only because the national broadcaster decided to go completely ad- and DRM-free, but because it openly embraced platforms that are usually known for pirated content, the Pirate Bay and Mininova.org

But the experience has taught CBC a valuable lesson: Play with the outlaws, and you’re going to be treated like one. Numerous users have reported being unable to access the show downloads due to ISP-based BitTorrent throttling. To make matters worse, telecom company Bell Canada has just begun to throttle P2P traffic for all of its wholesale customers, potentially affecting a huge number of customers of other ISPs that resell Bell’s DSL service.





Just wanted to say that I cancelled sympatico today and when I told the customer service agent that a lot of people must be cancelling because of throttling torrents she ADMITTED that bell is doing this. She said yes they are testing this out right now and a lot of users are cancelling for this reason. Anyways, I'm stuck with bell for another 30 days, but I can't wait for teksavvy.

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