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CD/DVD Drive not accessible in other user accounts

I posted this in the hardware section but I think it is a Windows XP problem.  I'm having trouble with my CD/DVD drives on my XPS710 system.  When I, as the administrator, log into Windows, the CD/DVD drive will work but the autorun function won't work sometimes.  However, when I switch to another user in the house, the drives quit working completely.  We get an "Access Denied" message.  They don't even show up as having a disc in them under My Computer.  I've checked them in Device Manager (both under my user account and under the others) and it shows both drives are working properly.  Troubleshooting has not gotten me anything.  I have installed new drivers and am starting to run out of options that I know.  Any help would be appreciated.


My two drives are:





Anyone else experience this?  If so, any solutions?  Thanks.

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Re: CD/DVD Drive not accessible in other user accounts

Windows 10 still has this problem.

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