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CPU clock

I upgraded an old laptop from XP PRO SP3 to windows vista starter SP2 by clean installation -dell latitude d610 -Pentium 4M "Dothan" 1.86GHZ -1GB RAM (2x0.5) DDR2 the laptop performs well with the new version of windows and the all the drivers are compatible so the laptop is vista compatible "I tried W7 upgrade advisor and told me that the chipset is not W7 capable as intel 915GM is XPDM and W7 doesn't support the old XPDM "from intel website" and also won't support P4 "from forums" now the reason I posted this:-... I noticed some thing about the CPU data it tells me in the system information window "right click on -computer- and choose properties" that the normal clock is 1.86 GHZ , and next to it . it shows 1.87 "clocked higher by 0.1 or 0.01 I didn't overclock the CPU . I just upgraded to vista starter SP2 what happened???
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