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Can't install Windows 7 64 bit with the Dell USB drive


I have a Dell N5110 with a 64 but OS.

I have been trying to use the Dell USB drive to install the 64 bit Windows 7 OS  but everytime I install it, it only gives me the 32 bit OS.

I have tried installing the OS several times with the USB (in USB 2.0 as well as 3.0 port) but nothing seems to work. Neither does the OS setup gives me the option to select the 64 Bit OS. Can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong here. Any help is highly appreciated. 

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RE: Can't install Windows 7 64 bit with the Dell USB drive

You have installed Windows 7 64 Bit. In system properties it says 64 Bit system type in your first screenshot and you are using all 6 GB of your physical memory (RAM)... 32 Bit Windows is limited to 4 GB of RAM.

The monitor settings are 32 Bit which relates to the number of colours your graphics card/screen can display. 32 Bit True colour is fine as your eye will not be able to tell the difference if any more colours are added.

Note however you have only installed Windows 7 64 Bit. You have to install the Windows 7 64 Bit drivers in order to get the full performance from your computer. This is the reason why your video performance is low.

See here for details:



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