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Can this be remedied ?

Venue 8 Pro (5830), 32 Gb + 32 Gb add-in.

Yesterday I did the Important windows updates. (I believe I had 1.5 - 2 Gb of storage space before starting the process.)

After the reboots I continued to use tablet til I got the low-battery prompt; after a few minutes I shut it down. Re-charged it this morning. When I pushed the power-on button I get this message:

"The local session manager service failed the sign in. The group or resource is not in the correct state." Hit "OK". Can't recall what, if anything, the next white screen said. The system just doesn't boot.

I think this is probably due to a lack of space (auto-loading my local-account profile). Is there a clear fix for this ?

Thinking I might connect a usb keyboard and try to F8 myself to a safemode restore or Last Known... Not likely to work. If it doesn't do I have another option, ie Recovery; if so how to run it ?

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Re: Can this be remedied ?

The feature update uses 27 gigs for the previous version of windows.

You are at congratulations you are totally hozed phase.

The only way to get to current is clean install on blank drive when its 32 gigs.


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