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Cannot Install Windows from Official USB Recovery Media - "winload.efi" is missing

Hello community,

I have a Dell XPS 13 L322X that cannot access Windows Boot Manager due to this reason:

Recovery - your PC needs to be repaired

The application or operating system couldn't be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors.

File: \Windows\system32\winload.efi

Error code: 0xc000000f

I have the OFFICIAL Dell USB recovery media with Windows 8 but I just can't boot from it through UEFI (if I do, I am presented with the error message above).... *** I DO NOT HAVE AN OPERATING SYSTEM ***

Just in case you were wondering:

  • I have my Boot List Option set to [UEFI] (as opposed to [Legacy])
  • I have Secure Boot [Disabled] (I have tried it with [Enabled], no change)
  • My SATA Operation is set to [AHCI]

I have the option to Add Boot Option, where I have three File System List options...one is the recovery USB whenever it is plugged in, and the other two are SATA HD's with identical names.

I added a boot option for the USB and made it first in the Boot Priority Order but this still leads me to the dreaded blue screen with the same error message.

My BIOS recognizes my SSD but it still cannot access my recovery partition. I've tried the "power on and off 4-5 times" trick to enter recovery mode but nothing happens (blue screen, as always). I removed the "static power" from my laptop by holding the power button for 1 minute. Still no change.

I tried booting using Legacy to change things up...This presents me with this:

"Operation System Not Found"

I don't think you can install Win8 off Legacy anyways so I am forced to boot my recovery media through UEFI.

But clearly I CANNOT boot from UEFI because I do not have a working Windows Boot Manager

What can I do? I have some ideas....

The provided recovery media is NTFS, so maybe I should reformat it to FAT32? Link(see post #2): http://windowsforum.com/threads/help-cant-get-uefi-install-to-work.87088/

Would you think creating a 'bootx64.efi' would do any good?

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