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Cannot do a System Restore, PC Restore or Manual Reinstallation on Windows 7

I have my daughters Dell Studio 1558 with Win7 Premium.  It failed to boot windows yesterday and immediatel went into Startup Repair Offline and eventually said it found an error but could not repair it.

It presented the following Problem Signature:


02  6.1.7600.16385

03  Unknown

04  21200643

05  Auto Failover

06  9

07  Corrupt Registry

OS Version: 6.1.7600.

Local Id: 1033


-  I've tried System Restore and it says it cannot find any restore points.

-  I've tried PC Restore and it begins to Scan for New & Unchanged Files and it just hans up, looking like it's scanning, but it isn't.  I even let it run overnight to    see if it would finish.  Even the buttons at the bottom to Cancel etc are greyed out and do not work.  I have to force a power off to restart my troubleshooting.

- The only function that seems to work under System Recovery Options is Windows Memory Diagnostic and Command Prompt.  Command Prompt takes me to X:\windows\system32>.  From there I'm at a loss.  I tried to run some random exe files I saw on that directory and they all say they cannot be run in Win32 mode.


I'd like to save the pics and docs on the machine but that may be impossible since I can't get in to reinstall / repair Win 7. 


Anybody have any suggestions.




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Re: Cannot do a System Restore, PC Restore or Manual Reinstallation on Windows 7

If all else fails, F8 at Power On will Access the Dell Recovery Partiton (Dell PC Restore) and will allow restoring to the original factory condition.  This will erase everything and you will lose any user data on the drive.  

If you can remove the drive and temporarily connect it to another PC, you MAY be able to copy off the user data to that PC or a flash drive and save it.  Obviously backups of at least user data to some other media has never been done.  This is a backup case of not for "if" it's ever needed but for "When" it's needed.  

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