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Cant Log in to Windows 7 upgrade account

I've been trying to log into my Windows 7 upgrade account and it will not let me in. I've tried the "Forgot password"  last week and it sent me a generic password, which never worked.... Now I've been trying it again and it does nothing when I click Submit... All I want is to log in to my upgrade account and make SURE im getting what I was promised when I purchased my laptop. I registered my Tag Id with the Upgrade site when I got my laptop in Early August. I was told I would recieve an Email about my status when Windows 7 released, which I have not, so I want to check and make sure Im good to go with my upgrade.... Ive tried contacting Dell and I either get pawned off to someone else, get hung up on, told they cant help me or am given a phone # to call which doesnt work..... And to any Dell operative that answers this post, please dont waste your time with the generic automated response that has nothing to do with anything concerening my issue... Thanks...

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Re: Cant Log in to Windows 7 upgrade account

This is a user to user forum, not Dell support. You should be patient. These upgrades can take a lot of time--sometimes 3-4 weeks or more. You might even receive the email after the package has been delivered or you might never receive an email. Dell has many upgrades to send and that takes time. As long as you are registered, you should get your upgrade. if you don't hear anything after a couple of weeks, contact customer service again. I'm not sure what a windows upgrade account is. They might be asking for your Dell account login--same as the one for this forum. Check back again next week during business hours.

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