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Chrome browser does not show buttons and links

I know you guys like IE but I like Chrome. When browsing your sites the buttons to continue are often missing and I have launch IE to see the buttons and links. Why? I have a new Inspiron 11 with Windows 8.1.

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RE: Chrome browser does not show buttons and links

Hi Jonestexas,

Thanks for your post.  The Dell webpages are optimized for Internet Explorer, so it would be the best browser to use.


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RE: Chrome browser does not show buttons and links

I disagree Robert. Chrome is the better browser. It retains everything securely, even verifying your login with a phone call and a code. It's much easier to control settings, extensions and plugins. It has apps you can access with a touch.

Dell could easily make their websites compatible with whatever browser you choose to use and I hate to be told what to do and what software I can use. They modify the Windows operating system, disabling functions and upgrades.. I am currently trying to upgrade a modified Intel driver as the one installed and offered is from 2006 and this is a new machine. The graphics update is need as the display does not meet the minimum requirements for a touchscreen and I have all kinds of problems with it. Most of the Function keys are disabled. The update to the touchpad took away the Control Panel. 

Dell made this machine and should offer the latest driver and software updates but the updates for this one have not been updates since Aug, 2014. 

I would like to do a clean install without any Dell software. I can always go to the website and check for any updates and run diagnostics without it. Windows has a fine Backup and Restore with File History but Dell decided it had to modify it so they could offer premium services for more money. I consider Dell software malware.

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RE: Chrome browser does not show buttons and links

Lets not lose track. Dell ship most of their systems with Internet Explorer so design their forums to work best with Internet Explorer. The forums do work with Chrome and I am using Chrome to respond to your post. There are however some forum glitches from time to time with either browser when the browser is updated especially some security update or when theres some changes to the forums. Some extensions may also alter the security and stop some things from loading correctly on either browser. As mentioned for me now its working fine on Chrome.

You seem to be having numerous problems with your system and want to clean install.

What system do you have and what version of Windows including Windows Edition do you have? e.g. Windows 8.1 64 Bit or Windows 8.1 Single Language 64 Bit.

For Windows 8.1 systems, right click the start button and select system.

For Windows 7, right click the computer and select properties and then select system.

The Windows Edition tells us what installation .iso you need. Microsoft have only provided a download link to 5 of the installation .isos out of 7 however for Windows 8.1 (excluding RT).

For Windows 7 some workarounds have to be used because Microsoft do not allow Dell to provide download links to Dell Windows 7 Reinstallation DVDs.

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