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Computer is messed up big time

I cannot open windows update or yahoo or my work email. It said automation server can't find object. Did a system recovery and that didn't help. I have a Windows XP and I beleive it's a 4500. It sometimes says when you turn it on that it has recovered from a serious error. Please anyone have any suggestions. Also, how do you remove a password on advisor content and make it stay off.
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Carol Hulse
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Re: Computer is messed up big time

Go to this website and download counter spy. Install it and then run it. Your computer might be infected with spy-ware. Also do you have a up to date anti virus on there? If not you can run a free online scan from Trend micro online free scan will find any major warm or trojan. Give this a try see things get any better. If not you should reinstall windows XP.
Here is the direct link to virus scanner

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Re: Computer is messed up big time

Try this link for Content Advisor.
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Denny Denham
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Re: Computer is messed up big time


To remove the Content Advisor password see this. If you are not familiar with editing the registry see this.

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