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Connecting DirectTV to Media Center Dell Dimension 5100 TV recording


I could use help getting my Dell Dimension PC running Media Center XP to work properly with my new direct TV (satellite) service.  It worked properly when I was a Comcast customer, but since switching to directTV, I have been unable to use the TV recorder.


I have a coax cable connected to the back of the satellite receiver (TV Out) to the TV card on the computer.  I run media center set-up to get the TV signal configured.  I'm able to get a signal to the computer, but the issue is that the computer will only receive the channel that the TV is on. 


That is, if the TV is tuned to channel 11, the computer is tuned to 11. When I attempt to change channels using the computer (keyboard or remote), it does not work. 

I HAVE tried to have media center "learn" the directTV remote, but that doesn't solve the problem.


I need forum help so that I can use my PC to record TV programs like it used to 🙂  (sniff...sniff...)


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Re: Connecting DirectTV to Media Center Dell Dimension 5100 TV recording

It should work the same as a cable box. Before you might have not had a box for comcast so you could change channels on the computer. Now--you do have a box and you are using your computer as a tv, not a computer. You have to keep the computer's tuner set to the input channel according to your Direct tv instructions and change the channels using the direct tv remote and the box. See if direct tv has a vcr recording setting like a cable box that you can set the box to change automatically to the station you want to record. You can't teach the computer the remote. You have to have the remote that came with the tuner card and an infrared receiver for the box connected to the tuner card. This gets complicated, as you can see. There is a setup in Media Center that you can use to set up a set top box, but I've found that difficult to use. IMO, cable is much easier to use with a computer. If you still want to set up the box with MCE, you need to post your operating system, model computer and model tv tuner and maybe someone who is more familiar with Direct TV setup will help. The tuner maker's web site might have some help, too. Or look up setting up Media Center in Windows Help.

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