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Correct Method Of Upgrading from Vista 32bit to Vista 64bit

I haven't purchased any pre-fab computer since 1996. For the past 12 years I've built my own PC's. Recently I purchased an XPS 1730. When it arrived it had Vista Ultimate 32-bit installed. I've contacted Dell and they sent me the 64-bit version disc.


My question is, what is the correct way of switching to 64-bit? Do I wipe out the restore partition on the HDD and just install like I would on a self built desktop PC or is there a special process that re-creates that restore partition with the 64-bit version? If I have to wipe that partition and just install Vista 64, will that affect my warranty?


The email from Dell reagrding this contain a link with some information but it only contained info for Win XP and my searching hasn't turned up much help.

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Re: Correct Method Of Upgrading from Vista 32bit to Vista 64bit

Cannot upgrade from a 32 bit to a 64 bit, so you will have to wipe the hard drive after saving what you want to keep and install the old fashion way but it will not allow you to have the restore partition.  Since Dell gave you the 64 bit OS it will not void the warranty.  If you bought the OS yourself instead, or anything else for that matter and added that to the system, the warranty still would not be voided, just the hardware and software that you install later that would not be.


Not voiding warranty on your Dell system link 





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Re: Correct Method Of Upgrading from Vista 32bit to Vista 64bit

It will affect the software support part of the warranty. The hardware part will be unaffected

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