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Create Backup Disc

New Inspiron 1750 & w7. Want to create the first backup disc to save set up and data. Backup performs OK until 34% has been backed up to the disc (disk storage capacity is 700MB). At that point it "hangs" and nothing seems to be transfered to the disc (no progress, waited more than an hour). What's the problem? Is disc capacity too small? Why is there no message?

Please advise. Thank you.

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Re: Create Backup Disc

Holger S.,


Is this an upgraded computer or did it come with Windows 7?


Did you try...


How to Create a System Image Backup in Windows 7





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Re: Create Backup Disc

I presume your laptop has a dvd burner, but it sounds like you are burning to a CD instead (700 MB disk).  If you do have a dvd burner, have you tried burning to a blank dvd disk? Your backup will take much more than 700 MB, although I would think the backup program should ask you to install additional cd's once the first one is full.  

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