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D630 w/ Vista (x86/SP2)- Freeze due to driver issues


I'm using a D630 running Vista, 32-bit , SP2. I have an issue with running anything above a minimal level of activity. The screen freezes up, mouse and keyboard too. The only option is to hard reset. Nothing shows in the System/Application logs. I have only once had a BSOD, it gave me a message concerning drivers so I am taking this as the main issue. I don't think it's an overheating issue as the case is not too hot, and my internal temp monitor shows 68 avg, which I think is not too shabby for an old Dell.

I have tried to update my chipset/graphics/etc drivers (the BSOD message was not specific so I don't know which is causing issues) from the OEM websites, however trying to install the actual drivers gives me the message saying the driver is not compatible and I must contact Dell for drivers.

I have downloaded the latest drivers from Dell Support, though as this model is no longer supported, the drivers are all about four years old, and these latest ones do nothing to alleviate the freezes.

Any advice on a next step would be greatly appreciated,


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Re: D630 w/ Vista (x86/SP2)- Freeze due to driver issues

This sounds more like a hardware problem, than just a driver.  

Do you still have the Dell diagnostics on the hard drive, accessed by F12 at power on.  If you do, run a complete hardware diagnostic to see if anything shows up.

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