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DELL Inspiron 545

Wish that there was more intormation when you buy things from some retail outlets lol

I bought a Inspiron 545 and dont really have any complaints until I come to connect it to my TV (which my old  dell could do) and found it only had a vga output. So I had a DVI - HDMI lead (as my last Dell had VGA & DVI outs) and went out and bought VGA -DVI adaptor which I hurriedly got fitted to the pc and then...... NO SIGNAL!!!

It is annoying me that I spent money on what I thought was a better pc when it cant do what my 5 year old machine could do :-(

I am a complete novice with PC's so any advice would be appreciated...


Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard disk, Intel GMA 3100




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The stock 545 is a bummer in that it only comes with a VGA out from the motherboard.   I ended up buying a $44 video card that had DVI, HDMI, and VGA out.  I don't know why your VGA-DVI adaptor won't work, that should be a no brainer. Not sure if VGA to DVI to HDMI is part of the problem though.

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Just using a plug adapter from VGA out to DVI in won't work - a plug alone can't convert an analog VGA signal to a digital DVI one.   There are converter boxes to do it, but they're expensive - a new video card is cheaper.

Adapters will work the other way round, though (converting DVI out to VGA in), but that's because the DVI output on most video cards is DVI-I - meaning it can output both an analog and a digital signal  (DVI-D is digital only).     The plug adapter simply filters out the digital and sends only the analog.

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Just need a video card...

Pretty easy to install.

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