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Dell Command Client Integration Suite issues


I have been working on deploying the DCCIS and am currently doing pilot testing.  We are not seeing the desired behavior for deploying the latest drivers.  The following is the use case:

I have a Dell Latitude 5491 that has an Intel Wireless-AC 9560 network adapter.  The current version of this driver on that PC is  As of 6/18/2020, Dell's Driver and Support page lists the following package for the Wi-Fi adapter: Intel-9560-9260-18265-8265-7265-3165-WiFi-Driver_NY7TT_WIN_21.80.2.1_A25_03.EXE.  To confirm this, using the "Dell Command | Update" utility, the utility reports that it indeed needs the driver.

After setting up the Dell 3rd party driver catalog within SCCM and deploying the latest "Dell OpenMange Inventory Agent" ( to the Latitude 5491, upon reboot the OpenManage Inventory Agent catalogs current drivers correctly.  To verify, using WMI and browsing to the following path "ROOT\Dell\sysinv\Dell_SoftwareIdentity\Dell_SoftwareIdentity.InstanceID="Dell:A370_8086_4030_8086_0_20_3_DRVR" it reports this for the VersionString: 0020.0050.0000.0004.  This matches what is shown in the devmgmt.msc console.

The issue is, after it's reported back to SCCM, SCCM doesn't see that is required or installed for the workstation.  The third party Dell update is listed in the SCCM Console's "All Software Updates" lists three different versions (,A21 |,A22 |,A24) as currently being "installed" on the workstation (which we know isn't correct as the workstation's version is

A WMI query on the workstation to "ROOT\ccm\SoftwareUpdates\UpdatesStore\CCM_UpdateStatus.UniqueId="62c5497e-630e-45ff-af0a-9438d2c8ab81" reveals the following information to the specific update that it thinks the workstation has installed:

Article: 3P529
Bulletin: 3P529
Status: Installed
Title: Intel 9560/9260/18265/8265/7265/3165 WiFi Driver,,A24

So we can see that SCCM (even though all three are "installed") is using the latest one from the Dell catalog as a target for compliance.  This is, however, not the same version that's actually installed on the workstation.  To make things worse, the that is actually applicable to the workstation provided directly from Dell has both required and installed as "0", meaning it's not even targeted for the workstation.

I'm hoping someone can provide more information as to how the integration between the OpenManage client reports to SCCM and if there's any logs that would allude to why SCCM isn't targeting the correct update to the client.

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