Dell D530 with OS WinXP, Vista upgrade necessary

This post is related to the former question: "DellD530 Win7 upgrade..."

Thanks Philipp, pasxternik and ieee488 for your answers.

Unfortunately I first have the problem to install Vista again (has been installed before company changed it to WinXP) so that it can read the Certificate from the system (stored in BIOS or WinRegistry).

Where can I get a bootable ISO image for Vista (I found nothing in the internet that works)?

Thanks guys

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RE: Dell D530 with OS WinXP, Vista upgrade necessary


Thank you for writing to us!

Kindly use the following link which will give you all the information.




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RE: Dell D530 with OS WinXP, Vista upgrade necessary

Thanks Robin,

this page only tells you about the end of life times

and gives you links to Service Packs, but not to the original VISTA (or other) installation images.

Thanks anyway


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RE: Dell D530 with OS WinXP, Vista upgrade necessary

Windows Vista downloads were removed in February 2015. As mentioned all versions of IE are obsolete except version 11 which Vista doesn't support. Microsoft have dropped Vista support for quite a lot of things now. Drivers likely won't be made to support Vista for new peripherals etc. so despite the 2017 date you can pretty much take it as an obsolete operating system.

There is 0 point in paying to get Windows Vista Reinstallation DVDs on the likes of eBay. As I mentioned earlier I recommend taking the unofficial 10130 Insider Preview upgrade path to make your system a Windows 10 Pro Device. Otherwise it comes to buying a new Windows license which is not cost effective with this hardware i.e. its cheaper to get a second hand Latitude E series with a Windows 7 OEM license (that has a free Windows 10 TH2 Upgrade).

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