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Dell Display Monitor Manager - Issues


I have just gotten my 3415W screen and so far its quite itneresting experience. Few issues I have are:

I have 5 screens + 3415W.

When I drag a window to the edge of screen A (that is not 3415W) I can no longer maximize half size of the window. In the past if I dragged it to edge of screen the window would just take 50% of screen. If I drag it to top it goes 100% etc etc. DDM seem to be dissabling that critical windows feature.

Can we pelase get it back ?

Ignore below found out the custom button!

Further more the spacing of pre-made layouts do not really work for me. Is there a way to specify custom layouts and their sizes? 

Also when I click>drag window. There is a 0.5 second lag. Can we get rid of that lag please? Have the dell position drop down overlay drop in a separate process so it don't affect our windows experience?

Another issue I have is that not all window are detected. If I start Maya and open hypershade its a separate window from main window. It would be great if DDM can recognise those windows. Or if I can manually add them in...

Hopefully some of the things above could be addressed and corrected? Its a nice DDM application but bit counter productive at the moment! Please tweak it :- )



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RE: Dell Display Monitor Manager - Issues

Further more if I just want to drag an window over the desktop and NOT want to stick to any of the layouts... can we just have an option to do :

Left click & Hold> Drag to new position > Right click to drop window without snapping it to any of the layouts? Or give us a hotkey option to specify what key we want to press... I have lots of buttons :- )

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