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Dell Latitude E5500 "OS reinstall issues"

Hello everyone,


We have a Dell Latitude E5500 Laptop here at work. One of our employees was using the computer before, but we got her a new one. When I got the laptop it had a lot of problems. All of our computers are freshly rebuilt after they have been used by an employee for awhile.


I went to install Windows 7 64bit onto the laptop. The laptop had Windows XP SP3 on it before from when we used Windows XP for all of our systems. When I tried reinstalling the OS it would always freeze at the "Accept Terms & Conditions" at the begginning of the install. I could not get past this area. We have a few Windows 7 64bit CD's. All are good and I use them every week, but are all doing this on this laptop.


I have been able to get past the terms and conditions page if I wait about 10 mins. I don't know why it won't let me click on anything before that. Once the laptop is finished loading the OS I can't click on the Taskbar or any files once I have "my computer" internet explorer or anything up. I have to navigate everything through the keyboard which is not accetable.

Disk Management says the HDD is healthy.
Updated the BIOS to A018 "latest BIOS update" through using the keyboard to get the file open.
Updated all Drivers from Dell navigating with the keyboard.
Went into the BIOS and told it to use Default settings.
Cleaned the Memory off.
Ran the Dell Diagnostics as far as I could. The Diagnotics and everything came back Passed with no errors.
I wipped the HDD with Acronis and figured I would reinstall again.

I have nothing hooked up to the laptop except the power supply and got the same issue.

The laptop does this on ANY OS I try loading it with. "Windows XP, 7 Pro 32bit & 7 Pro 64bit.
I even tried a known good SSD we have and the same issue, so this is not Hard-Drive related for sure.

We have no warranty on this laptop anymore & are thinking of decommisioning it if we can't get this solved.


Any other suggestions? I've tried everything I can think of and have available to me for testing.
BTW our OS disk are Dell OS Disk for Windows XP, and Windows 7 32bit & 64bit.

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RE: Dell Latitude E5500 "OS reinstall issues"

Hi bchamberlain,

I registered in this forum just to answer your question because I'm planning to install windows 7 in a friend's E5500. You say that the previous OS was Windows XP SP3 which means the OS was 32-bit. The 64-bit version of Windows XP only had up to SP2. What CPU does your E5500 have? Is it 64-bit? Have you tried installing the 32-bit version of Windows 7 instead?

Please post the results when you make progress.


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RE: Dell Latitude E5500 "OS reinstall issues"

We ended up dismantling the system for parts. We never got the OS installed on the system. If we did get it loaded we couldn't do anything after logging in. It had a 64bit CPU, and we have Windows 7 64bit on all of our Latitude E5500. I don't know what it was.

As stated in the previous post, I tried reloading Windows XP and Windows 7, with the 32bit and 64bit OS and could not get it to work. The laptop had multiple issues before reloading, which was why we were reloading. I gave up after about a month of not being able to load it and pulled the system apart.

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