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Dell Latitude E6400 Software Manager Update Problem

Hi there,

I'm having problems with the driver/software update program which has been shipped with my Dell Latitude E6400. I have 2 programs: Flexnet connect software manager AND macrovision software manager, which have been used for software/driver updates directly from Dell. This worked well when I got the notebook, but I just discovered that the last update has been in October 2008, which is a long time ago. There have been lots of (critical) updates published on the Dell website but I didn't get any updates on my laptop. As lazy as I am, I don't want to install all updates manual. But even if I start the software update program, I get no information that there are any updates. 

So my question: How can I get my software update manager work again? I couldn't find anything on the dell support nor on the internet.

Thanks in advance,


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