Dell OEM XP Pro Activation Problem

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I've got an old Latitude D620 notebook which has had Dell OEM Windows XP Pro on it from the get-go, with no problems ever before.

Suddenly, when doing some updates today I got a "This copy of Windows did not pass genuine Windows validation" message out of the Blue, for no reason whatsoever.  It installed all of the updates with no problem but it turned my screen black and continues to nag me with the message.

Of course this many years down the road the Dell OEM CD has been lost & the Microsoft COA sticker has long-since worn off the bottom of the unit, but as I said, this is the OEM Windows which came on it and which has never before had a problem after all the years I've owned it.

When I follow the "activation prompts" it takes me to a Microsoft site which says "this product is no longer for sale" and doesn't even give me a number to activate it over the phone (not that I should need one, because this is the legal original OS which came on the computer).

Anybody know why this suddenly might have happened and / or any work-arounds?  It's ridiculous to hit a roadblock like this after all the years I've had this thing!

XP is so old I can't believe Microsoft even gives a rat's posterior about it now, anyway...

Thanks in advance...

Here is an addendum which I just noticed:  The explanation given says "The product key used to activate Windows on your PC is not authorized for sale or use in the country or geographic area in which you are currently located."  This is even more bizarre since, of course, the product key has not changed since Day One of the installation at the Dell factory.  It came straight from Austin (or Round Rock) to Fort Worth, Texas and has never been anywhere else.  Hope this helps with the mystery.

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Re: Dell OEM XP Pro Activation Problem

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Hi Travis_Lloyd,

This link has a lot of information: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb457078.aspx

The link gives steps to activate windows XP professional.

For any further queries please feel free to contact me

Thanks & Regards,
Nikhil D

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Re: Dell OEM XP Pro Activation Problem

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This can happen when the files that hold the activation status become corrupted (as can happen with any data on any part of any hard drive).  Open a Command Prompt (Start, All Programs, Accessories) and type in CHKDSK /R.  Click Y to schedule it for the next reboot, then reboot and allow the CHKDSK to run ... this will attempt to repair and recover any corrupted files or parts of the file system.  If you still have issues, you can run SFC /SCANNOW, but you would need a Dell installation CD for this operation.

Do you have SP3 installed and all updates up-to-date?  Anti-virus up-to-date and the system clean of any infections (you might try a scan with something like MalwareBytes to be sure your AV hasn't missed something or been compromised)?

Microsoft does indeed no longer support XP without SP3 - it is dead to Microsoft.  With SP3, "extended support" (pretty much security updates only) will continue until 2014, then XP will finally be dead (yay!).  I'm sure people will continue to use it, but numbers should decrease dramatically, as it will become increasingly unsafe to use without ongoing security updates (IE9 is not even supported on XP).

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