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Dell Optiplex GX240 Resource CD

Doe's anybody Know where I can Purchase the Dell Optiplex GX240 Resource cd, with Dell Drivers and Diagnostics. I gave Dell a Phone Call and they said I could download them from their driver webpage and burn an ISO Bootup cd. I have tried downloading them but they don't contain any ISO files. Hope Someone can help me. 

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Re: Dell Optiplex GX240 Resource CD

You might be able to find a Resource CD online (like eBay) if you looked long and hard enough.  Most resrouce CD's are useless after a few months ... it is best to simply throw them away and download the latest stuff from the Support site.

There is not an "ISO" to download of all the files, drivers, and utilities for a system, but you could download them all into a single folder, then "wrap" that folder up as an ISO.  That alone, however, would not be bootable.

Here is the easy way:

Download the diagnostics and burn it to CD.

Then go through and download all the drivers and put them on a different CD.

Test the system with your diagnostics CD, and if you need to re-install the OS, you can install it, then load the drivers off the drivers CD you created.

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