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Dell PC Restore, Windows XP question

I recently had some malware infections on my Dell E510. I got rid of the infections but some system files were corrupted, only allowing me to start in safe mode. Anyway, I want to use Dell PC Restore to restore my pc to factory settings. However, I have an extra 500GB internal HD that I added about a year ago. If I run PC restore will it erase all the data on my second HD? Windows is not installed on it or anything I just use it as extra space for media and programs. I would just disconnect it but whenever I disconnect it and disable it in the BIOS I am unable to start PC Restore.

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Re: Dell PC Restore, Windows XP question

No the PC restore will only be on the hard drive that came with Dell computer. It will erase all on the one hard drive and put it back to the way it was shipped to you.


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