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Dell Policy for OS (Operating System) Media

As of 2010, Dell no longer ships the OS (operating system) CD or USB keys on most consumer computers. Dell has created alternatives for the customers to access OS Media and Applications.

* Dell OS Recovery Tool
* How to Download and Use the Dell OS Recovery Image in Microsoft Windows
* Factory reset, restore, or reinstall Microsoft Windows on a Dell computer
* Reset or reinstall Windows 10 on your Dell computer
* DataSafe <Broken link removed> Local/DBAR (Factory Restore)
* Dell Recovery and Restore KeyInCloud
How to create and use the Dell Recovery and Restore USB drive (KeyInCloud)

Note - Dell Recovery and Restore will only work with an existing image on the HDD (hard disk drive). So it would not work with a blank replacement HDD or a format/clean operating system installed HDD.
Note - Download a recovery image of the OS customized for your Dell product. Dell customization of the Windows image includes:
- Updated patches that address common issues for Dell systems.
- Dell support information. The image provided in this download was configured to be bootable from either a DVD or USB. The recovery image contains the version of Windows that came installed on the computer as it shipped from Dell. If you have upgraded your operating system, you will need to reinstall the upgrade after you have restored your system to the factory settings.

* Dell is unable to supply OS CD's once the computer goes "marketing" EOL (end of life). You must purchase the OS CD from a 3rd party vendor
* Software shipped with the system

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Additional guides by Philip Yip.

Windows 10 Build 15063, Version 1703, RS2, Creator's Update

You may use Windows 10 RS2 Instalaltion Media for all Dell Windows 7 OEM, Dell Windows 8.x OEM and Windows 10 OEM Licenses.

Windows 7

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