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Dell Power Manager Issues


I am pulling this discussion out of a laptop specific thread to see if I can get some answers or get pointed in the right direction. It appears that when attempting to install the latest update of the Dell Power Manager program there is a step where one has to install the Dell Power Manager Service and it appears that there is a certificate that is not signed or at least not signed correctly. I believe this to be the cause because in my many attempts to complete the installation, I read the installation logs and found this line:

MSI (c) (FC:30) [17:54:04:162]: SOFTWARE RESTRICTION POLICY: C:\Windows\{1AF69E72-9462-4EDE-942F-A4039D3DF43E}\DellPowerManager.msi is not digitally signed.

Unfortunately, this I believe is the reason that I cannot complete the install, as a security feature Windows is blocking installations against unsigned or incorrectly signed programs. While, I would LOVE to use the Dell Power Manager, I do not want to have to turn-off security features to do so if I can help it.

Assistance is appreciated, as well as generally pointing me in the right direction.



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