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Dell Precision M6500

I have a problem with my Dell. II bought used laptop Dell Precison M6500
Week ago I add a SSD drive and clon system to it. Now after restart i see "No bootmgr"
I dont have a cd with system to boot it, i try to repair system witch another Win 7 but i recive information that its not the same as system on my computer..

So, where can i download right stystem ISO (i will bot it from pendrive and then repair it) ?

Please Help

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RE: Dell Precision M6500


You can click the link below to download a Windows 7 ISO from one of our forum Rockstars "Natakuc4.


You can also get a backup disk from the link below.


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RE: Dell Precision M6500

I dont see there any download links :/
Theres only Win 10, i Need Win 7 PRO OA X15-53895

I would restore factory settings but I cant because theres "No bootmgr ctrl + alt + del to restart" it's all. 

So i need a identical system to boot from pendrive and repair it. Please Help

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RE: Dell Precision M6500


1. upgrade to Windows 10

2. buy Dell OEM Windows 7 Pro DVD on eBay

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RE: Dell Precision M6500

Microsoft removed Windows 7 OEM download links from Digital River in February 2015. You can Download Windows 10 TH2 and Clean Install with your Windows 7 OEM product key:


Otherwise as mentioned by IEEE488 your best bet is eBay.

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