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Dell Related Trojan Horse Virus Detected


My Windows 7 Professional laptop has been clean for a long time as I scan with AVG AntiVirus 2015 every night. Last night, it suddently detected a Trojan horse called "Trojan horse Inject2.BRWI" and the Object name is:  c:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\SupportAssistAgent\bin\SupportAssistAgent.exe (4712)" and is listed as High in Severity. I believe this program was pre-installed by Dell. Then why was it suddently detected as a Trojan horse. And was it installed by Dell? I read about the 'Inject2" Trojan horse and know how does it work. The only thing I found online is about the "Inject2,axkq" but not the "BRWI" which mine was.

AVG could not remove it and suggested me to upgrade to AVG Internet Security. Will that remove this Trojan horse. And does anyone know does it work the same way as the ".axkq" And does it has anything to do with Dell?

Any suggestions/comments are much appreciated.  Thank you very much.

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RE: Dell Related Trojan Horse Virus Detected


Dell Support Assist is not a Trojan Virus. Click the link below for more information.

Support Assist for PCs and Tablets

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To help us troubleshoot, send us via a private message: Dell PC or Monitor Service Tag number
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Where do I find my Dell PC Service Tag or Express service code?
Where do I post SA (SupportAssist) issue/questions?
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