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Re: Dell Tech Support telling users to completely disable Windows Update in Vista?

I agree with you totally, rdlenk. Well said.

Whether done via Automatic Updates, or manually, it is important to keep all Windows apps current with security patches.


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Re: Dell Tech Support telling users to completely disable Windows Update in Vista?

My original post got deleted because I used 2 words not accepted by the forum.:emotion-16: It was a reply and agreement with Muddy Yorkville and I still stand by it.

Me too, no automatic updates ! Not only do I not have reliable internetconnection, so the slow and sometimes big MS downloads fail, but I am very causious about what I let MS install on my PC. Remember the update which had a problem with ZoneAlarm? No internet connection. I don't use Internet Explorer, always problems with it, why would I want to install all those updates? Every time you install an update from MS, there is a chance that something goes wrong and doesn't work anymore. I choose which patches I need, wait a week after they are released and google them for problems , then I install some of them. Every time I go to MS update, they want to install SP3 . With an automatic update you don't have a choice. Why the risks of XP SP3? It works just fine on the pre-installed XP SP2 , and many people have problems with installing SP3. Even the optional updates IE 7, WMP 11, .netframework3, all things you don't need. For the average computer user : use firefox and good protection. So I would say the Dell technician is right!


In answer to rdlenk:

You are right, for the average user is it not recommended, but also remember that 99% has a OEM OS, so no free software support from neither Dell nor Microsoft, and if an automatic update goes wrong in any way, they don't even know what caused it, and need paid assistance to rectify it. Of course if they get infected, they also need assistance!

Why would I use IE , which is such an intrigal part of the OS, and allways has had leaks , to expose it to the dangers of the internet. I surf "sometimes" to the "alternative" sites, allways problems with IE, Firefox with java off, no problems. Explorer itself no problem, why update?

"The way into" depends a lot of you're browser and security.


About the optional software: I tried IE7 and WMP11, the first didn't install right, and made changes I didn't want ( a lot of people had problems with installing IE7), WMP11 I didn't like. The newest isn't always better. Some applications ask for .netframework, true , but I haven't had one who wanted version 3, so why install it?


Ok maybe it would be bad for Dell to tell all not to use automatic update, but if they do,  Dell should give a list, or give the ones you really need on their drivers & downloads page.





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