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Dell Update won't launch

I've installed the latest version of Dell Update (v3.0.1), which is listed as compatible with my laptop. Upon launching the application, nothing happens: the hourglass spins for a bit and that's it. There is also no icon in the system tray for it. Download link:
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Re: Dell Update won't launch

There are two versions of the Application,

I have installed on my XPS 13 the specific version for the Windows 10 64 newer versions:

Dell-Update-Application_4985D_WIN_3.0.1_A00_01.EXE .

This version works fine on the XPS , it is listed to be compatible with most of Dell PC models.

Normally it is safer to  uninstall first the app in the version you currently have and then install the new one after a new start of the PC  



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