Dell Wireless Manager crashing with Dell 5530 WWAN card

Hello everyone.

I recently bought a Dell 5530 WWAN card (C687R F3507G model) for my Dell Studio XPS 1340 laptop using Windows 7 x64.

I installed it using Dell's website available drivers without problems.

Then I installed the Dell Mobile Broadband Manager, but I wasn't able to start it. Every time I try, it crashes and a window tells me that the Dell Wireless Manager has stopped working. It happens the same if I try to start GPS or SMS utilities.

After many tries, changing drivers and software version, I realized that I can connect simply manually configuring a dialup connection.

Using Visual GPS I can use the gps card capabilities too, and with other softwares I am even able to receive/send SMS. So it seems that every card component is working fine.

What I am not able to do is to see the GSM/HSPA signal strength, since I haven't found any software capable of that.

I am able to check the signal strength using Ubuntu, but I am still not able to see it without connecting first, so I don't know where I can have a better reception.

On Ubuntu I can connect, send and receive sms and use the gps as well.

On Windows I have tried to use the Sony Ericsson Wireless manager but it can't detect the modem.

If I install the DBBM without install the card drivers, it starts with no problems, but obviously it can't detect the card. If i let it running while installing drivers only the gps utility works, but the main windows says that the sim card is not communicating. If I close it I am not able to start it again until I remove the card drivers.

My questions are:

- Why Dell Broadband Manager is crashing?

- Is there an alternative software I can use to manage the card on Windows?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Dell Wireless Manager crashing with Dell 5530 WWAN card


After I don't know how many tries (almost 100), I've found the right drivers/software combination.

I downloaded the following packages from http://ftp.us.dell.com/comm/ :


R207067.exe <- this is the Wireless Manager

Now everything works except that Windows doesn't recognize the gps as a sensor but I can still use it through the COM port.

I am quite satisfied and I hope this can help someone else.



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