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Dell XPS M 2010 with windows XP media center edition 2005

I have Dell XPS  M 2010 with windows XP  media center edition install when a purchased, got the installation software's disk from Dell. OS is corrupted and Installation set up stuck with not Mice or Keyboard functionality. I am thinking  to upgrade to windows 7, "some post said keyboard and mouse won't work during installation" since i can access to the OS i am not aviable to see if my original system is 32 or 64 BIT. 

Wander which Options I have



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RE: Dell XPS M 2010 with windows XP media center edition 2005

If it came with XP it would have been 32 Bit, the 64 Bit version wasn't widely supported. It will likely work with 64 Bit given the age of the system and others have reported success with Windows 7 64 Bit. Do the keyboard and mice work in the BIOS setup? Also have you ran full system diagnostics? 

XP reaches End of Life in less than 2 months anyway so its recommended to upgrade to Windows 7.

You can try installation of Windows 7 using a Digital River .iso without a product key for a 30 day trial. This will enable you to see if you have any problems on Windows 7.


For instructions see Windows Reinstallation Guide/A Clean Install of Windows 7:


Use the following system drivers on this model with Windows 7:


Note you may want to install a Solid State Drive such as a 120 GB or superior Crucial M4: http://www.crucial.com/upgrade/Dell-memory/XPS/XPS+M2010-upgrades.html

This will increase your system's performance under Windows 7 significantly. For the 64 Bit version its recommended you have the 4 GB of RAM installed.

It might also help using a USB keyboard/mouse while installing the OS although it shouldn't be necessary with Windows 7.

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