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Dell back up and recovery media, text in program not showing

Hello everyone,

I've had this windows 8 xps laptop for a short while and the dell back up & recovery media is bothering me constantly.

The problem is as following and I will add a screenshot to it as well so you understand it better.

I have never had a laptop before so when in the corner the blue clock symbol started showing I guessed it was part of the back up program, which through the dell support program I saw was to make a discimage backup. So I start the program but I see the buttons however no text, they are all replaced with codes such as IDS_HOME or IDS_DS_001 and so on.

So I was confused about it, at first had no idea if it was part of the program, so I went around online to see what it was. I couldn't find anyone with the problem!

If I for example clicked the IDS_HOME button the next menu for creating a back up only contained more coding and so I can't even see what is being said int he screen.

I checked the youtube video on how to make a backup and saw there that it had to contain normal text such as make a backup to usb or dvd, which in my screen shows as IDS_DS_004 and more numbered labels.

So what I tried was the following; I uninstalled the dell back up recovery software, rebooted and downloaded it fresh from the website of dell.

I installed it, rebooted but the same thing happens again! No text just code and numbers!

I don't know what to do at this point, I don't even know how to make a back up because of this because I can't read the menu.

I need someone to help me out on this, because making at least one back up is important at this point.

I have here a image on what it looks like because it sounds rather confusing;


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Re: Dell back up and recovery media, text in program not showing

Here is another screenshot of when it is trying to create a back up. But as you can see you can't read anything in it


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