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Dell precision 5510 boot option to recovery Factory Settings doesn't start.


I have a problem with my Precision 5510.When I try to restore the Windows 7 to Factory Settings through the Windows Recovery Environment (F8 command), and I select Repair Your Computer, but Windows 7 normally starts without giving me any choice for recovery.

I have checked the partition set to recover, it is present and hasn't been deleted. I have also checked the folder through path  C:\Windows\system32\systempropertiesadvanced.exe, and I can see that the System Recovery and Backup is in, but if I find the System Recovery and Backup in All Programs through Start, there isn't.

I tried to reinstall the software System Restore and Backup, by downloading it through the Dell support, but it doesn't work, telling me the Windows Environment is missing.

How can I fix this problem? Is it possible that this error has been caused by the replacement of the motherboard? Or do I have to reinstall the OS from external media?

Thank you for your help.

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