Dell "Browser Address Error Redirector"

This piece of Dell software keeps popping up, even when the internet address that has been entered is both valid and, indeed, working.  I have tried to uninstall it, via the instructions on the Dell Search Page and other methods, to no avail.  Anyone else have the problem?  Can anyone tell me how to uninstall this piece of software? 
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Re: Dell "Browser Address Error Redirector"

Have you tried the method outlined on this post? It worked for me.


Another way: Internet options> Advanced> Uncheck 'Enable Third Party Browser Extensions'

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Re: Dell "Browser Address Error Redirector"

The Browser Address Redirector can also go by several other [program] names...
see the following thread by forum member Joe53:
Scroll down to the Specific Fixes for:
1) Pre-set Home Pages,
Method #1 and/or #2
If you don't find ANY of these names, you can consider posting a HiJackThis log.

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