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Dimension 8200 wont load the HP drivers for my new printer. What can I do?

I just bought an HP 5100 series color inkjet printer. I got through the steps to load the driver, prior to connecting the printer and I get error messages telling me that there were errors in my install and my printer may not function properly.  I have Windows XP for an operating system.
Every time I turn the printer on, the "new hardware located" bubble pops up in the bottom right corner and stays there.  After about 1 minute a 1/2 screen size window from HP opens, telling me that the printer is not installed correctly and will not work.
Thinking maybe I got some bad drivers, I downloaded them from the HP website as well.  Same error messages came up.  I tried the cd driver and downloads on my work computer (which is a  Gateway) and both loaded and the printer works fine.
I contacted Dell about possible problems with my operating system, and they of course referred to me HP. I contacted HP, who told me to contact Dell, as something in my system was not working properly to not take the driver.  Anyone have any ideas?
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