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Dimension E310

Dimension E310 that has the Media Center Edition in it. I would like to upgrade it so it will be able to get the Windows Vista Home Premium. What would I need and how much?
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Re: Dimension E310

You should have 2 gb of main memory, and a dedicated video card.  One of the below will work.  X1300 PCI slot card - Expensive for what you get in terms of performance  X1300 1X PCI-Express card The best you can get, but also expensive and low end performance..Hypermemory on the this 1x pci-express version shares the system memory - if you only have 512 system the card will only give you 256 for the GPU. If you have 1 GB system it does show the full amount of 512 for the card - although it is still shared memory. Only the 128 onboard is dedicated to the GPU and it's only 64-bit hardware I/O  6200 PCI slot card - Expensive, for low end game settings  PCI slot 6200 card. A little less costly

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