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Downgrade Vista to XP

I have installed a valid XP pro several times on existing older desktops to upgrade older OS. I had fully functional device manager listings in all cases except a Gateway, which left me w/o drivers fro audio, video, and network. It was very difficult to find them, but eventually I did, and all worked well.
Now that it is difficult to get xp on a new laptop purchase, and I don't like Vista, I notice that Dell is only shipping xp thru 6/30/08, even though support extends to 2014. If I buy a Dell 1525 laptop that comes with Vista, will I have driver issues for any customary hardware, e.g., sound, video, network, wireless, if I wipe the drive and install xp? I realize wiping the drive removes my hidden reinstall partition, but I intend to back up the new install with a clone program. Dell does offer xp till 6/18 on the 1520, but you pay more for less to get this model rather than reinstalling on a 1525. Thanks for your comments.
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Re: Downgrade Vista to XP

giwatcher' check out this post it gives you the info you are looking for.

Dell 2350, 768mb ram, 60gig hardrive,Maxtor 250gig external drive, zone alarm free version 7.0.483, Avg 7.5, IE 6

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