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Dropped laptop, Hardrive broken

Hi there. can someone help please?
MY son dropped my Dell laptop and the hardrive his damaged. I have tried everything from restore to taking the hardrive out and trying it in another machine, but it won't let me in and just clicks.
I did not get discs with the laptop and was wondering if Dell would supply the original operating system for the machine?
The Laptop warranty is out of date so wouldn't expect them to repair it.

Any help would be appreciated, Thank you.

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Re: Dropped laptop, Hardrive broken

If you are in the US you may be able to get discs from Dell   HERE    if you qualify.

If the PC came with Windows 7, you can download Windows 7 from THIS SITE, create an iso bootable DVD and use the Dell Windows 7 product key on the PC (usually in the battery comparment on a laptop).  If you don't have a program to burn an iso bootable DVD, you can download the free ImgBurn program

Any device drivers that you need you can download from www.support.dell.com   use your service tag number to access the downloads.

This site is not a "direct line" to Dell.  We are users helping users on here. 


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Re: Dropped laptop, Hardrive broken

Hi and thank you so much for your fast reply.

The laptop came with Vista, I have ordered a new Hardrive and will need to re-install the OS when it comes.

I have software to burn an ISO image to a DVD.

Thanks again and any further suggestions please?


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