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Ebay Purchase

If an older laptop is purchased from ebay is there a way to get a set of new quick restore cd's for the laptop?  (the laptop does not have the os) it is a 7720 with no operating system what so ever--

the laptop I believe originally had the windows 7 operating system installed? 

Does a new operating system have to be purchased through dell or can the quick restore cd's be purchased through dell to bring the computer back to original defaults?





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RE: Ebay Purchase

Hello!  You have several options with their own unique problems.  First of all you can follow the information found here to download or order recovery media.  Dell is transitioning to an ISO download format so you may be able to download the complete ISO restore media on your own.  There is also a form you can fill out to possibly acquire dvd's that have the restore programs on them.  

A problem with both those solutions is you need to transfer the ownership information and put it in your name.  You can follow the information to transfer the ownership here.

Lastly you may have to acquire a copy of Windows 7.  If you can find an OEM version of Windows 7, there should be a COA sticker on the bottom of the laptop or behind the battery that has your code needed to activate it.  Then you can go to dell's support page and download the drivers on your own and install them fresh that way.  

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RE: Ebay Purchase

Generally its hard to request installation media from Dell for Windows 7 especially for an out of warranty system registered under a different owner.

You can however Download a Windows 10 TH2 .iso from Microsoft, make a Bootable USB setup for the UEFI BIOS and clean install Windows 10 TH2 using your Windows 7 OEM product key. See here for more details:



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